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As a radio guest, on television, or at a business or a school, Riaan is able to present the complex challenges that most of us engage with daily and translate them into useful take-home messages that anyone can relate to.

Riaan’s goal with each talk is to create an entertaining and meaningful audience experience that is interactive, cathartic and strategic.

Whether he is discussing emotional development for entrepreneurs or creative collaboration in the workplace – Riaan’s talks share the same intimate intensity as a one-on-one consultation with him.



Riaan loves to ignite the curiosities of his audiences, both about themselves as much as their responsibilities. As a group facilitator and coach, Riaan is most comfortable in an interactive session where real perspectives can be engaged with and lessons can be learnt from within the group.

Q&A is very often the part of the experience that audiences remember as being the most memorable – only because Riaan speaks directly into the lives of those asking.

It is an opportunity for leaders to listen closely to the concerns and challenges of those in their care, and often starts very useful conversations towards new strategies for which Riaan simply serves as a launchpad.


This is an intimate conversation between Riaan and the audience, often moderated by a leader within the organization (i.e. principal, manager, director).

These sessions are very useful because they often focus solely on the challenges of the organization and offers an opportunity for reflection by the team, as well as Riaan’s perspective as the guest speaker.

Sometimes you need an outside person to make much needed internal conversation possible. Riaan loves being this catalyst as well as providing insight and new spins on present and future strategies.


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