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The foundation of Artist Development, the process I began developing in my twenties with recording artists, was that every part of the communication between the artist and the audience is rooted in the self-expression of the artist as an individual.


The aim of the process I facilitated with the artist was that if that is true, that all communication is self-expression, that art itself is an incredible opportunity for reflection and personal development and that to have the discovery form the basis of new work – which would then inform their communication.


This is as true for entrepreneurs as it is for artists, because both are forms of self-expression, both involve risk, and both involve failure as a learning tool.


An entrepreneur shapes his world via the solutions they provide, the value they seek to give and the brand their create. To say this isn’t art is to limit the entrepreneur. Click To Tweet


If that is true, then there is no separation between the work the entrepreneur does and who they are as an individual. And I believe this is as true for employees as it is for entrepreneurs. Yes, there is less risk, less room for failure – but the opportunity that this mindset provides is equal regardless whether the business belongs to you or not.


So what does this mean?


You Are Your Productivity

What we do is who we are. Our actions are predetermined by our habits, and our habits come from the mixture of our nature and environment.


Understanding who we are allows us to navigate our day positively or negatively, it influences our capacity to make decisions and execute them.


To not address who you are, is to leave your productivity up to chance. Click To Tweet


It means you are allowing an engine to run without steering it.


How you make your sales, how you structure your business, how you make anything happen all revolves around your presumptions and assumptions of what is possible and what isn’t – you are the basis of those decision, whether conscious or not.


In a large measure how we deal with people and react to conflict or opportunity is determined by our personality, only when we are able to conscious of the how our personality works and why, are we able to begin making choices to change our habits and reactions.


What you bring home with you into your work will affect your ability to focus and execute on your tasks of that day – the notion that you are able to leave your personal life outside of your office door is impossible.


You Are Your Creativity

Our story creates our perspective and our context – this becomes the birthplace of our creativity.

The depth and understanding you have into the workings of your own creativity is crucial to you being able to develop yourself. You can’t improve something without facing it first. Even though there are happy accidents in creativity you need to develop the capacity to see the happy accident as a solution or know how to make it useful or improve on it.


How well we understand our story and how that story shows up in our everyday life makes us significantly more attune to what is possible creatively, it makes us more aware of seeing ourselves in our work and therefor we are able to grow and innovate more easily.


What influences us, what moves us, what we aspire to be, what we want others to feel or do are all manifestations of our creativity, of who we are, and how we see our world. It is our unique lens that we are continuously building and giving meaning to.


You Are Your Value

We build the thing that we need most.


Whether that is because it is all we are good at and that is our way to the life we want. Or because we need to solve a problem that is meaningful to us and speaks to what we needed once but didn’t get. Or a wrong in the world that we want to try and change because it has affected us personally.


We are the service we provide. We are the value we bring. Click To Tweet

Even if you are an employee, if you want a happy work life find a service that solves a problem that speaks to the value you want to share with the world. Work for a company that adds value in the way you would want to as an entrepreneur.


The same way that your solution is your value, your inability to finish what you started, your indecision, your lack of focus – the blockages you face in providing value – is just as much part of you as the goal you have.


To not understand yourself is to not understand your potential to add value to those around you, which in turn, will determine your potential for success in your world. Click To Tweet

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