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Ask Yourself Uncomfortable Questions


Questions don’t always lead to answers, and some questions don’t need an answer. But ask them to yourself anyway, all the time, and just see where it takes you. The deeper we understand ourselves, or the more uncomfortable we allow ourselves to be, the better our chances of understanding and believing in the direction that we never thought existed.


Fact is: it’s practice, because nothing worth doing that feels new or unique to you is ever going to be comfortable. Innovation is uncomfortable, if not for you, then definitely for others.


Asking yourself the questions you never want anyone to ask you only gets you out of your comfort zone, and once you are on the outside looking in, you might find a perspective or method that only belongs to you.


Take Daydreaming Seriously


Where your mind goes when you are meant to be doing something else is probably where your mind wants to be. So why are you fighting it? I’m not saying don’t do the thing you need to do right now. I am suggesting you be aware of what drives you. And it’s usually not the thing itself.


If you are thinking about baking a cake next Saturday, or playing poker with your friends – alone, those are just activities – the question is: what do they mean to you, and how can you turn that meaning into a service?


Stop Competing


Do not disqualify yourself by competing. You are never going to be the best at any of the things you love to do, and even if you are, you won’t believe it. The only questions to ask are: does it deserve my time? Is it worth the risk? Do I love this enough to do this every day?


The moment you decide not to do something because someone is better than you should be the moment you ask yourself whether you should be an entrepreneur at all. Things take time. Be kind to yourself. Can you get the job done? Yes? Then make yourself available to do it. Focus on being better, not the best.



Don’t Listen To Your Loved Ones


This is a decision you need to make. You are the one investing time and money into this, you need to believe, without any doubt, that this thing you made up will work. The people around you want the best for you, and for most people safety means going for the reliable pay check. If you want to take the risk, then it’s your risk to take. You cannot second guess yourself, because that doubt will find its way into your project, your foundation will not be solid because you are not feeling solid about the project.


Team Up On Yourself


You are not one thing. Niche entrepreneurship doesn’t mean cashing it all in on one interest or skill. You are a complex person, with many talents and skills – most of which you take entirely for granted. You are a team, and if you look at yourself as a team, what could happen if that team built one thing together that satisfied all of them? Now you aren’t just one person, but you are a collaboration. So think about the things you love to do, mix it together with the things you know you can do, and build a service that shouldn’t make sense but it does, because it’s who you are.


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