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What are you waiting for?


You have your idea, you’ve committed to it, you have sacrificed for it, but things aren’t moving the way you had hoped. You feel like you’ve hit a wall and nothing is moving. You are stuck.


It might be because of these three things (that everybody secretly wants) that will stop your progress. 




Some people, even top creatives, don’t agree with me on this one. But that’s because they no longer wait for it, or need it. But the truth is: inspiration is an easy excuse to make. On days when you might not be feeling potent, it is so easy to give a lofty excuse like: ”I just wasn’t feeling inspired today’.’


This is the fancy cousin of: “Today just isn’t my day.”


What is 'inspiration' to you? What does it mean to you? How do you use it when it shows up? Click To Tweet


For many inspiration is that moment of clarity when the curtain opens and a potential answer is revealed. The solution to the question burning in the back of your mind hits you square in the face and you realize the answer was obvious all along.


These moments are incredible. But they do not qualify as a pre-requisite for action. You do not need inspiration to act, you do not need it to progress. So often, waiting for it, or procrastinating because of it, kills our progress.


The point is simple. If you believe that something must happen to you, that certain criteria must be met for you to be at your best, it means that you are not in control of your potency or your progress. Click To Tweet


Stop waiting for inspiration and just do the thing you love, all the time, and you will become better at it. The better you get, the more people will care, the more money you make. Motivation is respected by people already on the move, inspiration is respected by no one because you haven’t started making anything yet.




I promise you: no one really minds if you win or lose. If they can gain from you winning or losing, they might care – but other than that – it doesn’t impact them. So why are you waiting on anyone other than yourself to do the thing you believe will work?


That is not to say that people don’t care, some do, and some will. But determining your impact and progress on the views of others, whether or not they like what you are doing, is only going to cause you stress and get in the way of your progress.


Seeking validation is a deeply human need. Am I enough? Am I worthy? Click To Tweet


But these are questions we ask ourselves that can only be answered by ourselves. We cannot look outside of ourselves to feel valid, to feel credible.


Give yourself the permission to be different. Allow yourself to take the risk. Bottom line is: you can always just try again. But, you will never know until you validate yourself.




Getting anyone to believe in what we care about is difficult, but to do it twenty or thirty times a day, hearing “no” to every single try – it’s rough out there, for everyone. This fear can paralyze us, and instead of proactively sharing our work, we wait. Because it’s safer. This is essentially entitlement, but it goes deeper than that.


You might recognize this if you have ever procrastinated doing something because of the reason: What will people think? Click To Tweet


That fear of judgment becomes an entitlement. We believe so deeply that we will be judged negatively by the outside world that somehow everyone will know and have an opinion (at least we convince ourselves of this) that the opposite becomes true: when we finally do make it happen, we also expect everyone to know and to come.


You can’t assume anyone knows, ever. And if they do, you cannot assume they know what you want them to know. Don’t wait for the call instead of making the call. The more calls you make the more doors you open. Do the uncomfortable thing and take control.


Other people: the ones we hope will like us, value us and buy from us – have nothing to do with your business other than paying for it if they need it. Making them need it is impossible, so make something and find those who want it.


Needing to feel like you can, or for a door to open only means one thing: you’ve lost another day by waiting. Click To Tweet


What are you waiting for?

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